The Second Inning

15th November 1987, born Around 2 am. And Today completed 30 years of age and I still don’t know where I am headed in life. The Best way to explain my life up till now – I just got Fucked-up at every stage of life.

Long story short, though I am the highly introverted guy and in the need of approval and midst of insecurities, I had been betrayed in friendship and in love. But what was the most hurting part… it was the not the betrayal but the hurt that I received emotionally. And this emotional hurt has risen to such a level, where I do not want to live anymore.

Guess what, I am not here to take the easy path. So instead, I have chosen another path, the part to”Move Forward.” I believe that “Move Forward” is completely different than “Move On.” Move On is, “what happened, happened, now just move on.” Move Forwards is, “You have been hit badly by life, and you are are dying day by day in the rotting hell of repetitive thoughts, and now you have decided that I can be aware of the hell and keep moving forward.”

For the past few months, I have been trying out many things and understanding the 3 fundamental W that a normal human being needs in his life – Wealth, Wife and Wine, none of them appeal to me anymore. They are simply… what you say things.

And trying to ask myself again and again, what do I really want, I added the question, “How” to it with a twist. My questions changed from “What amount money I want?” I simply ask the question, “How do I want to acquire my wealth?” My questions changed from “How to get a woman in life?” I simply ask the question, “How do I work on myself to bring forth a magical relationship?”

As of Wine, I simply don’t need it, I pray to God, all wine lover including Tyrion Lannister gets the best wine for their life.

The Direction that I am moving on, is rather than asking myself, then dwelling and then getting mentally fucked in the question of my desires on what I want, I put forward my focus on “What is the relationship that I want to build” whether, we are talk about relationship with money, relationship with friend, relationship potential girl-friends and mainly relationship with myself.

So here is what I see something to start with, I want all my relationship leads to be in a state of “Bliss” and all my relationship and “Meaningful Connection.” See, buddy, I am starting my Second Inning, the next 30 years and I am sure, I am going to be the Happiest Hustler for the next 30 years of my life.

With this blog, I am in process of creating and sharing with you a new version of myself. And that can be only possible when I stop following the Status Quo. Simply put, I have to believe in myself before anyone, trust my own instincts, and keep on playing the game that I am damn sure that would give me happiness that I am progressing towards my goals.

The best thing is, I won’t let my fear dominate my actions anymore.

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